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The 'Research projects and publications' function of HRWeb provides institutions and countries with a user-friendly platform to capture information on current research projects and possible outcomes (publications, patents, products and 'other'). By systematically entering research projects started, this function will over time become a key management information system for institutions and governments. It is programmed to provide you with immediate feedback in the form of tables and graphs. You can download an Excel spreadsheet with all information and conduct your own analyses on the data. We gladly acknowledge that the basis for the "Health Research Projects and Publications" section is an existing, tried and tested, research management information system developed for and with the directorate of Science and Technology - DECIT of the Science, Technology and Strategic Inputs of the Ministry of Health in Brazil.

This registry of research for health is important in many ways:
  • It allows governments to see what research is being done – and how well it matches national health research priorities.
  • It allows institutions to manage internally – but also to showcase their research outputs to local media or international donors and collaborators.
  • It allows researchers from high income countries to find partners in low and middle income countries.
  • And it provides donors with visible evidence of the impact of their funding. 
This section is not meant to be a database of publications! The registry will simply indicate if publications have resulted from projects in the registry, and will provide a full reference.   
In future, we hope to find ways in which current clinical trial registries can be linked to the HRWeb project registries to increase the reach of this information into low and middle income countries. 
IMPORTANT NOTE: the 'research projects and publications' facility of HRWeb can be used as an institutional research information system – without the information being available to anyone else outside your institution. All information you upload can only be seen by you – unless and until you decide to make it generally available through HRWeb. This may be important in a start-up phase, for example, but there is one great advantage in using HRWeb in this way: all information added for an institution is directly compatible with HRWeb at a global level. You can decide to share it – or decide to withdraw it again!



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