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Research Ethics Review (National Documents)
 Elements of Informed Consent
Elements of Informed Consent to be submitted by PI with the protocol to be reviewed 
 Financial Conflict-of-Interest Disclosure Statement
Form to be filled by investigator to disclose Financial Conflict-of-Interest  - (pdf, 54.72 Kb)
 Identifying Resources and Needs of Research Ethics Committees (RECs) In Egypt
presentation by Hany Sleem, Samer El-Kamary,and Henry Silverman 
 Implementation of Egyptian Network of Research Ethics Committees (ENREC)
Presentation by: Azza Saleh, MD, Theodor Bilharz Research Institute, Egypt, Hany Sleem National Hepatology and Tropical Medicine Research Institute, Egypt, Henry Silverman, MD, MA University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA, 
 Operational Guidelines for Ethics Committees That Review Biomedical Research
World Health Organization Publication for SOPs of RECs (WHO, 2000)  - (pdf, 73.16 Kb)
 REC Checklist for Initial Review
REC Checklist for Initial Review of the submitted research protocols 
 Research Ethics Committee-Benha Faculty of Medicine (REC-bfomed)
Arabic Version of Research Ethics Committee-Benha Faculty of Medicine  - (pdf, 204.06 Kb)
 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Research Ethics Committees (RECs)
Best Practice SOPs for Egyptian RECs  - (pdf, 515.9 Kb)
 Statement of Confidentiality
Form to be filled by investigators for Statement of Confidentiality  - (pdf, 40.27 Kb)
 Surveying and Evaluating Ethics Review Practices
Complementary to Operational Guidelines for Ethics Committees that Review Biomedical Research (WHO 2002)  - (pdf, 59.42 Kb)




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