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Research Ethics Review (Local Guidelines)
 Agreement on Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest
الإتفاق على السرية والإعلان عن تضارب المصالح  - (doc, 209 Kb)
 Brochure of TBRI - IRB Arabic
Arabic Version  - (doc, 72 Kb)
 Brochure of TBRI - IRB English
English Version  - (doc, 151.5 Kb)
 Documents required by The Principal Investigator to be presented to TBRI
 (doc, 45.5 Kb)
 Standard Operating Procedures For TBRI - IRB
 (doc, 0 Kb)
 TBRI-IRB Checklist english and arabic for Review
 (doc, 209.5 Kb)




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