Finance for research for health

Research, like any other activity, needs finance. Some types of research or some research projects are very costly – other research may need very little financing, yet may also have significant health impact. In many low and middle income countries, particularly but not exclusively in Africa, much of the financing for research for health is provided by donors, research sponsors or collaborators from outside the country in question. In fact, in many low income countries, the ONLY financing available for health research is derived from foreign sources.
Yet, to develop sustainable national research capacity, countries need long-term, predictable funding for research. While this may be an ideal situation that cannot be realised any time soon, the least that researchers, research collaborators, funders and donors can do is provide information on current and potential (future) resources for research in low and middle income countries as another contribution to enabling countries to provide governance and stewardship over health research in and for their populations. 
This section provides information on 'internal funding' and 'external funding' for research for health. There will be a third section, on 'funding opportunities' open to researchers or research in the country concerned.  
Because financial information is often difficult to get, yet is key to developing sustainable national research management capacity, we invite all HRWeb users to help us make this section work – by providing information – or – even better – streaming your funding information through to HRWeb.
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