Governance & Policies

Research Governance & Policies  

To be able to provide governance and management on national research, including health research, clear and effective governance and management structures are needed at national level – and, depending on the size of the country – also at provincial/state and municipal/district levels. Furthermore, these structures or bodies need clear guidance on how to promote relevant, excellent and ethical research that will serve the health and development needs of a country or region. A research policy framework is therefore essential.
Effective governance and management structures (for example, research councils, an academy of sciences, a national research committee, or a directorate of research in the ministry of health or ministry of science and technology, or both) and a clear and unambiguous research policy framework (that can provide for health and research priority setting, research monitoring and evaluation, research communication, ethics review, research financing, and much more) are also of major importance for external funders or collaborators of research – indeed for anyone wishing to conduct research in or with the country concerned.
This section provides information on key institutions, mechanisms, processes and policies dealing with research for health in this country.