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Comité d'Ethique aupres du Ministere de la Santé

Ministere de la Santé

Dr Raharinarivonirina Alisaona (

Organisation administrator's name or contact person
Dr A Donnat (

Telephone number: 261 22 365 22

Fax Number: 261 22 239 73

Physical address
Agence du Médicament du Ministère de la Santé Tsaralalàna Antananarivo 101

Postal address
B.P. 8145


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What is the level of operation


Protocols Submission Information

What is your preferred manner to receive protocols
All the above

What is the operational language(s) of the organisation

How often does your organisation convene to consider study protocols

How long in advance should the protocol be submitted to be considered at the next meeting
2 months

If you have a timetable, please provide this information here
The third Wednesday or Friday of the month

Please provide the link(s) to the organisation's written documentation on submission and review procedures
Submission is carried out, at least,fifteen days before the date of ethical review .Written documentation is shared to each member of REC a week before the review.The permanent secretary of REC is always in touch withthe submission principal investigator.


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Not renewable