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 Health Research Agenda
CHRC has collaborated with its stakeholders and developed a Health Research Agenda for the Caribbean. The crafting of the Agenda was guided by the latest edition of the Caribbean Cooperation in Health (CCH III). The latter defines the health priorities of the Caribbean and comprises eight Programme Areas.  - (pdf, 932.34 Kb)
 Health Research Policy
CHRC has developed a Health Research Policy for the Caribbean. The goal of the Policy is to guide the strengthening of systems so as to increase the production, access and use of essential research and thus facilitate the crafting of evidence-based health policies, programmes and practices. The key components of the Policy document include the proposed structure for health research systems in the Caribbean (at the national and regional levels) and strategies to promote their strengthening. It is expected that it will be adopted (or adapted) by CHRC member countries and thus provide the necessary framework as they continue the process of developing/strengthening functional national health research systems.  - (pdf, 1426.07 Kb)
Ministry of Health. Department of Public Health. Commonwealth of the Bahamas National Health System Strategic Plan, 2010-2020. Bahamas: Consultation Draft; 2010 p. 48. Version 15. OCLC Number: 1052758323. Available at: OBJECTIVES 3.1 Enable the timely collection and analysis of data and the dissemination of high quality information to support clinical care and the planning and management of national health systems. 3.2 Strengthen the capacity of managers and decision makers working at all levels of the health system to use information for effective policy, management and clinical decisionmaking. 3.3 Strengthen national health research capacity to guide policy and interventions that improve health outcomes.