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 Governance and policy frameworks for health research in 38 countries
The scope of this study was to describe the existence of health research governance and policy frameworks in a sample of mostly low and middle income countries. It was not able to go further to examine whether these foundations of a national health research system increase the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of health research outputs, or their impact on health and socio-economic development. This question should be a research priority for the field.  - (pdf, 24 Kb)
 National Health Research System (NHRS) Mapping in Ten Eastern Mediterranean Countries – Tunisia
WHO-EMRO – COHRED – GCC, 2006 Core data collected on governance and institutions involved in research for health  - (pdf, 112.29 Kb)
 Regional Health Systems Observatory- EMRO
Formally, there is no official document that reports health policy or strategy. However, the five-year plans of development constitute an occasion to implement a medium-term strategy of developing health sector, which constitutes the reference documents for investment and planned action for health during the 5 years. Furthermore, since 2004, the program elaborated by His Excellence the President during the electoral period, becomes an essential political document that gives the main objectives and priority for developing health sector. 
 WHO-AIMS Report on Mental Health System
This publication has been produced by the WHO, Country Office in Tunisia, in collaboration with WHO, Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean and WHO, Headquarters. At WHO Headquarters this work has been supported by the Evidence and Research Team of the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, Cluster of Noncommunicable Diseases and Mental Health.  - (pdf, 140.46 Kb)