Milestones in the development of Health Research Web 
April 2006
Initiation of Phase I of Health Research Web under the name of 'Health Research Country Profiles'. This first version was a static information base on basic aspects of national health research systems. At start-up, HRWeb had basic information (contact details of Ministry of Health, Research Councils and MedicalSchools of countries; useful links on country background information and policy documentation available in COHRED's archive) on nine low income countries.
November 2008
The first full-time HRWeb manager is appointed; planning and programming for HRWeb “2.0” starts in earnest.
December 2008 
The European and Developing Countries Clinical Trial Partnership (EDCTP) funds COHRED to map health research ethics capacity, ethics review capacity building initiatives, and drug regulatory mechanisms in sub-Sahara Africa on the HRWeb … a first major user of HRWeb's unique potential. (see 'health research ethics review' sections on any country page). 
July 2009              
Appointed the first full-time manager of HRWeb's research ethics information. The main programmer for HRWeb, who worked part-time for COHRED since November 2008, joins COHRED full-time as the HRWeb programmer – working from Brazil.

August 31, 2009

The beta version of Health Research Web “2.0” goes live. The first two countries, Zambia and Senegal, start to interact and complete their information in HRWeb.